Welcome to A.S Fisheries

We stabile before by name of A.S SEAFOOD since 2010 in Fresh Export, Now we introduce our ourselves as A.S FISHERIES in Fresh Frozen Seafood Export from Karachi-Pakistan in World Wide.

The premium quality jewels we catch from the deep sea and prepare the ways to your our customers requirement. We process standard quality of deep sea water and fresh water.

The premium quality you receive begins the moment our fish are caught by a careful fish grading system.

Our primary function is to bring to market the wealth of seafood products and processed by its family of affiliated producers. We believe that sustainable seafood starts with responsibly managed fisheries, transparency and traceability, and well-informed customers. Our goal is to serve as the go-between from our dedicated and responsible seafood suppliers to our sustainably-conscious customers in an effort to provide the highest quality seafood with standard quality control.

Our Products